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I’m moving my blog to my own URL:, so please update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, and subscribe via the box to the right of the page. I’m going to be doing a LOT of blogging in the coming months, and I don’t think that’s something you should miss out on, do you? Next week: the first pictures of my COMPLETED studio, my thoughts on Asheville, and all kinds of other goodies. While you’re at it, check out my totally revamped home page and feel free to schedule a photo session if you’re in the Asheville area.

See you next week!


We Have Arrived

After spending the last solid week covered in boxes from head to toe, calming concerned kitties, and getting a lovely little chest cold, I am finally able to snag a few moments to let everyone out there know that The Husband and I have arrived, and are settling in, Asheville, North Carolina. It’s been an extremely stressful week for both of us. As David said, we pretty much took our lives, put them in a glass jar and shook them as violently as possible. So here we are.

I hope to get started unpacking my NEW STUDIO tomorrow. In the meantime, here are a few pictures I took today to whet your appetites. I am so ready to start working  on my business again and to begin firing on all cylinders as soon as possible.

Asheville Photography Studio 1 Asheville Photography Studio 2 Asheville Photography Studio 3 Asheville Photography Studio 4


It’s Officially Official: We Are Asheville-Bound!


As I’ve alluded to in a few previous posts, some BIG CHANGES were afoot. I am pleased that I can (finally!) announce that my husband, my cats, and I are moving to Asheville, North Carolina! Although this move has been in the works for several months, it has always felt like it was perpetually two months away. Now, all of a sudden, the move is staring me in the face. My husband is moving in a week and I’m heading out in two. My mind has been absolutely consumed with details: hiring a mover, updating our address, visiting as many friends as possible before hitting the road. We have both turned in our notices at work, and my husband already has a job waiting on him in Asheville.

But the best part? Thanks to a lot of saving, and the endless generosity and support of my husband, I am going to be a full-time photographer! (I feel so pretentious saying that, but whatever.) I’ve rented a little studio in the River Arts District of Asheville, and I’m going to work for myself. This has been a dream of mine for years, and it’s still something I can hardly believe is actually going to come true. I hope to build up a nice little business with good clients and have the opportunity to explore more with my fine art: not only my macro images (which I have some big plans for), but also to experiment with drawing and painting and maybe even combining those mediums with my macro photography. I also want to really buckle down and study graphic design and build up a nice portfolio, in case this whole photography thing does not work out. I am at a point in my life in which I crave change and I really want to follow a different path, just to see where it leads.

I will be back soon with pictures of my new studio, as well as information on where you can find me in Asheville. In the meantime, it’s back to endless packing, endless phone calls, and tying up a few loose ends. Please wish us luck!


I’ve been working like a fiend lately, taking portraits for friends, family, and everyone in between. Here are a few from my most recent shoots. Enjoy!


A Few New Images

It’s been forever and ever since I’ve posted. I have a ton of new work to show you, and I’m also getting back into painting again, which has been exceptionally thrilling and fulfilling. More images to come, but for now, I want to share some new items that I’ve just listed in the shop. Take a look and enjoy!

macro poppy photograph

macro phoppy photograph

macro flower photograph


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the honeybees were out in force at the Botanical Gardens. Although I used to be terrified of them, I’ve since realized as an adult that if you leave a honeybee alone, she will leave you alone. I’m very careful about getting up close to them with my macro lens, but for the most part, they are so intent on pollinating the flower at hand, that they totally ignore me. (Which is just fine with me.) I hope you enjoy the selection of photos below, and if you get a chance you should read up on honeybees! They are quite interesting.

Macro Insect Photography

Macro Insect Photography

Macro Insect Photography

Macro Insect Photography

Macro Insect Photography

Macro Insect Photography

Dew Drops

This morning, I got up SUPER early for a Saturday (8 A.M.), determined to get out in the cooler weather and shoot. At first, I didn’t really have much of a purpose in mind, but upon arriving at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, I quickly discovered I had gotten there early enough to capture flowers still bathed in tiny, perfect little droplets of dew. Each dewdrop was perfect, a lovely shimmering orb shining in the bright sunlight. Buzzing amidst the flowers were a wide swath of honeybees, which I will document in a later post. Hope you enjoy a few images from this morning!