A Few New Images

It’s been forever and ever since I’ve posted. I have a ton of new work to show you, and I’m also getting back into painting again, which has been exceptionally thrilling and fulfilling. More images to come, but for now, I want to share some new items that I’ve just listed in the shop. Take a look and enjoy!

macro poppy photograph

macro phoppy photograph

macro flower photograph


Slacker Post

I’ll be getting to more portrait photography posts later this week, but since I have slacked off and not blogged as much as I had intended in the past few days, I figured I’d post some new fine art work. All available in my Etsy shop, of course!

Macro Flower Photography

Macro Flower Photography

Macro Flower Photography

Macro Flower Photography

Playing Catch Up

Macro Photography

Soooooo….it’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged, hasn’t it? I finally got a moment to sit down and reflect on what’s been keeping me from Ze Olde Blog and what I have planned for the future.

  • I started my new job nearly a month ago, and all seems to be going as well as can be expected so far. I’m enjoying it, and I love getting to learn new things and concepts, so it’s been good for me. Almost everyone has been exceptionally welcoming, which makes the transition much easier. Because I am working in a highly secured area, dealing with all kinds of confidential information, I have to not only swipe a badge to get in to my department, but I also have to get my fingerprint scanned on a bio-metric machine outside the door. Kind of cool, huh?
  • I spent every single weekend in June shooting portraits for families and children. I’m overwhelmed at how well they have all turned out and I will be blogging about them shortly, as well as offering sessions to anyone in the Birmingham area who is interested.
  • I still have some pet sessions coming up, so if you haven’t booked one yet, drop me a line!
  • I’ve added oodles and oodles of new images to my Etsy store (and I still have a huge pile that have yet to be added), so please do check them out.
  • I purchased a WONDERFUL, AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME new all-in-one printer, the Canon Pixma MG6220, and it has changed my life. Well, not really. But it prints photographs just as well as the lab I use, and I’m loving the scanner, copier, and the fact that I can print something in SECONDS, compared to my old dinosaur of a printer that took more than a minute to print a page of text. Ahhh, technology.

….aaaand, that’s about it for now. I’m going to wind this Sunday night down with a good book (I’m currently reading Jo Nesbo’s The Redbreast on my Kindle and absolutely loving it), hang out with my husband for a little while, and then wake up to start a new week at the (still) new job.

I hope you all have a lovely Monday and I will be back later this week with more bloggy goodness.

New Beginnings and Finding The Good In Bad Situations

Today is a day of all kinds of new beginnings for me, after the disaster that was the Indie Craft Experience over the weekend.

Today is one of my last days at the company I’ve been working for since 2008. Although it is a strange (and scary) thought to know that I’m leaving something so comfortable for something so new (I have a new job lined up for later this month), I’m very much looking forward to new challenges and meeting new people. Being stagnant is never a good thing. In the meantime, with some vacation I’ve accrued, I’m taking some much needed time off to work on my business and to sit and think and be still. I want to create an entirely new main website, come up with new and different ways to display my photography, and to recapture the desire to create using other materials and mediums. I was really quite inspired over the weekend by all the brilliant ideas and talented artists. I have shelves full of sadly neglected art supplies that my fingers are itching to work with.

Today I began restocking my shop with new items. Go check them out now!

Today I want to tell you about a few awesome things and people I saw over the weekend at the show:

  • Metamorphosis Metals had a booth next to me and I bought one of her lovely, delicate initial necklaces. Sonya is a master craftswoman and I really can see her going all the way to the top with her skill and attention to detail. She’s very nice and kind in person and it was great fun to see so many people fall in love with her pieces throughout the weekend.

  • Off the Map Art does really awesome prints using maps as a base. I bought this one because it had a map of the Southeast in the camper shape.

  • Stitch of Whimsy makes these TOTALLY AWESOME felt animal heads mounted to picture frames. I LOVE THIS IDEA SO MUCH. It’s really kitschy and campy and retro and I am now the proud owner of a decapitated bunny head!

  • So She Sews created some really fun fabric pieces of art to hang on the wall. I fell in love with this one and am so proud to own it.

  • I ate so many Bookie Macarons I lost count.
  • S Tector Metals makes really fun and fresh jewelry; I bought a nice necklace from her that I look forward to pairing with some fun summer shirts.

  • Ibby and Rufus not only had lovely jewelry, but also fun stitched artwork of animals. I fell in love with this owl and am still trying to decide on just the right place to put him in our apartment.

  • King of Pops popsicles are TO. DIE. FOR. Try the Chocolate Sea Salt pop if you dare. It’s fantastic.

So you see, even though I sold virtually nothing, I still had some decent moments of blissful retail therapy. (Is there anything better?) You really should take a moment out of your day to visit the shops above, or any of the other amazing folks who were vendors at ICE this year. They are all top-notch creative types who make the world just a little bit brighter.

Onward and upward!

Spring, As Told Through Photographs

I recently took a long overdue trip to the botanical gardens, hoping to get some new photos while everything was in bloom. I came away with literally hundreds of beautiful photographs, along with a week’s worth of allergy problems. Still, I think it was worth it. I feel so excited when I look at these photographs; I’m trying out some new processing styles that I think you’ll like. Dreamy, ethereal art. I just LOVE it. Check these out (and more) in the store, as I’ll be adding new photographs all week. When I look at these photos, I am reminded why I so love photography: that deliciously satisfying feeling that you’ve made something wonderful and magical and captured a singular moment in time. I love sharing that feeling with everyone on my blog.

Crunching The Numbers

Spring Cleaning – Free Shipping On All Prints

Time to clean up the shop for spring and make way for new prints! Order ANY print in my shop for a limited time and get free shipping with the coupon code FREESHIPPING. Just enter the coupon code during checkout and shipping is free for anywhere in the world!