Hudson, The Most Interesting Cat In the World

Birmingham Alabama Pet Photographers

“Hey, bebbeh. Whatchoo doin’?”


Paper Camera Penelope

Another photograph taken with Paper Camera. I love how the eye fills in the rest of Penelope’s black face, even though all you can see clearly are her eyes and a teeny part of her nose.

My New Smart Phone – Or, Why I Love Technology

So, I finally joined the 21st century this week and bought a Smart Phone! There are simply NO WORDS to describe how much I love this little device. Although I stay away from Wal-Mart on principle, I simply could not resist their StraightTalk plan, and ordered an LG Optimus Q from them. For $45 a month, I get unlimited data, texting, and voice on a really awesome Android phone. Previously, I was paying $55 a month for limited voice and texting, so I’m actually saving money with this better phone!

A few months ago, I managed to snag a 16GB HP Touchpad for $99 during their fire sale. My friend Brett was kind enough to root Android on it (Cyanogenmod 7), so now I have two amazingly fun Android devices. I cannot say enough about how cool this operating system is! There are so many fun, quality apps to die for, many of which are free. All of the apps I downloaded on my tablet are automatically available on my phone as well, and I’m having a BLAST with all the functionality.

One of the cooler aspects of my new phone is the cool little camera included with it. It’s only 3.2 megapixels, but according to what I read online, I can still print photos taken off this phone at 5 x 7, and even 8 x 10 in some cases! Amazing! I’ve downloaded several neat photography apps, and one of my favorite is Paper Camera. It features real-time cartoony effects and the images you can get out of it are so cool! Of course, I’m taking lots of pictures of my cats, so I wanted to share a few, all of which were taken with Paper Camera. Enjoy!!

Wordless Wednesday: Nuclear Waste Cat

Happy Holidays!

Made a few sales in Ye Olde Etsy shop this week after months of inactivity. What a wonderful surprise! It’s been a busy few weeks with all the holiday happenings, but I hope to post more once all the madness dies down a bit. To tide you over, here is a picture of Mister Bingley requesting a Belgian beer.

Happiest of holidays to everyone!

Wordless Wednesday: Moving Is Fun!

So, the Body Shop Had a Sale Online…

…and I may or may not have indulged just a teeny bit.

Of note: if you have not yet tried the Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion, you have not LIVED. I’ve found it to be just as satisfying as Aveda’s Foot Relief lotion in my quest for soft, moisturized feet.