Birmingham Alabama Pet Photography: Sable

Alabama Pet PhotographyI’ve known my friend Brett for years: we worked together ages ago at one company and then later ended up getting jobs at another company, reconnecting in the process. You may remember that a few months ago, Brett was kind enough to root my HP Touchpad with Android. In all this time, I heard him speak often of his German Shepherd, Sable, yet I had never met her. With this new foray into pet photography, it was definitely time to meet Mz. Sable!

Sable was ADORABLE. We met up at the Hoover Dog Park on a lovely Saturday morning. At first, she was very skittish and nervous as she hadn’t been around very many dogs before. She spent the first fifteen minutes or so of our session smelling EVERYTHING on the ground. Her sweet nature eventually came out and she was out there with all the other dogs, smelling rear ends and sniffing noses. Brett tried (unsuccessfully) to get her to chase after her ball and a Frisbee we found, but no such luck. Sable was going to do what Sable wanted to do, no matter what we wanted. It was a good challenge for me!

Alabama Pet PhotographyEventually, Brett managed to get Sable to climb on part of the obstacle course, although he had to climb it with her, which was actually really sweet. She looked quite proud to be standing on top of the wooden structure. (Both Sable and I were impressed at Brett’s ability to climb this obstacle as well…hah!) Before the day was over, she had climbed it all by herself and she basked in all the praise we heaped on her.

It was a fun day, and I loved getting the chance to do something nice for Brett, who has always been so helpful to me in the past. I also REALLY enjoyed getting to meet Sable, who was just as sweet as I’d been told she was. (Sometimes she will do a full-body hug on Brett when they are sitting on the couch, which is almost too sweet for words.)

Enjoy a few more photos from the day!

Alabama Pet Photography

Alabama Pet Photography

Alabama Pet Photography



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