Introducing Birmingham Pet Photography Sessions

The picture above is of Lily, a sweet little brown long-haired Chihuahua I had the pleasure of photographing last week.

More on her later.

I’ve been thinking about Facing the Lens a lot lately. I go to bed dreaming of what I want to do with this business, with my life. I realized that a business that doesn’t grow will remain stagnant. Having a niche is nice, but I think that for my art and my soul (and I know I’m veering into majorly pretentious twee territory here), I have to grow and evolve. I want to explore so many different areas of photography that my mind bobbles and nearly bursts every day with ideas. It is so unbelievably important to me to be challenged in life; sitting still and being okay with the status quo has never been something I’m good at doing.

All of that mumbo-jumbo above is really just an excuse to announce that I’m growing my business, expanding it into areas other than my typical macro photography. I’m pleased to announce that to begin with, I am venturing into the fun, delightful world of pet photography. There are few things I love more than those sweet little balls of fur we share our lives with, and I want to take my love of animals and turn it into something productive, something that can be shared with the world, and something that can make me and others happy. Besides that, who doesn’t love pictures of funny little animals?

I’ve been working hard at building up my portfolio, and have had a blast doing so. I would love to take pictures of your animal, if you are interested. You can find information on pet photography shoots on this page. Please contact me if you are in the Birmingham area!

Now, back to Lily.

Lily doesn’t simply run, she BOUNDS upward in perfect little arcs that delight the heart. She is a sweet three-year old dog who loves to please her mom, Amy Carson (who you will remember did my engagement and wedding photos). The only thing that makes Lily even slightly sad is being forced to wear a jaunty pink bow for photographs! She was a real trouper, though, and wore the bow for a few minutes so we could get some photos of her looking fashionable.

I’ll be blogging more about some of the wonderful animals I’ve been meeting, so do check back often. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even see some photos of human animals on this page soon.


5 Comments on “Introducing Birmingham Pet Photography Sessions”

  1. abraalani says:

    I know exactly how you feel, about wanting to explore different types of photography, and I applaud you are now working on pet photography! πŸ™‚ Yay!

  2. Amy Carson says:

    Yay Deborah!!! So proud of you and your photography skills, I know you will be a super amazing pet photographer!

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