Third Shooting a Wedding

Breanna Fogg was kind enough to let me third-shoot at a wedding (along with my good friend Amy Carson Photography, who second shot) last month at Joe Wheeler State Park. The couple, Kelly and Mike, were a blast to hang out with all day and if I came away with anything, it was the knowledge that these people know how to throw a party! Although I was only there to man the photo booth (which was lots of fun), Amy was kind enough to loan me one of her nice cameras and lenses to third shoot. Overall, I don’t think I did a very good job (seriously, what was wrong with my focusing ability?!?!), but I did get some good shots here and there, so I figured I’d share them. I am constantly in awe of photographers like Breanna and Amy because they are so GOOD at shooting under pressure: after all, if they miss that important moment, it’s gone forever! I am more than content to stay in the background and provide back-up images. Hopefully I can redeem myself next time.

(Click on an image to enlarge….if you dare.)


4 Comments on “Third Shooting a Wedding”

  1. Amy Carson says:

    I think you did a fabulous job!!! It just takes time, practice, and dedication to grow in wedding photography or any kind of photography for that matter. Trust me, when it comes to macro photography, I am COMPLETELY lost!! I was so happy you came along 🙂

  2. Kattie says:

    Deborah I think you are much to hard on yourself! I think they are great!!!!!

  3. These look fabulous!!! Thank you for the kind words about the wedding. We had a blast and were so happy to share our day with vendors that felt like close friends from the first click of your cameras!!! We had a ball! xox “The Bride”

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