A Few Etsy Eye-Catchers in Blue

I love browsing about on Etsy and wanted to share some things that have caught my eye recently:

Mystery Science Theater 3000 necklace by PicaPicaPress. So, not only is this a NEAT idea, I love the fact that you can insert a photo inside the necklace to make it look like the crew is making fun of a movie. Just the coolest thing ever.

The Great Lakes by Crafterall. Crafterall has some of the most AHHH-MAAY-ZIIING paper cutouts I’ve ever seen! I cannot imagine how much time and effort goes into each and every one of these pieces. I love them all!

Lazy Cat Embroidery by Whimsiology. Now this is just plain cute. It makes me SMILE whenever I look at it and it reminds me so much of my own lazy, lazy cats.

Turquoise Stem Teapot by Dahlhaus. I defy you to show me a more adorable teapot? Absolutely everything in this shop is magnificent and deserves a space in your my kitchen.


One Comment on “A Few Etsy Eye-Catchers in Blue”

  1. Anna says:

    lol you know what’s crazy… I actually recognized the characters in the first one before I read it… I have not watched that in probably 10 years… crazy. Great finds, everything is on Etsy, I often go there for inspiration… for projects I never get to lol.

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