Turning Photos Into Comics Via Photoshop

I’ve owned a copy of one form of Photoshop or another for the last decade or so. It’s the most powerful graphics program in the world and it has a VERY steep learning curve. I think I probably know how to properly use about 1% of it, which is a shame. I’ve decided to really buckle down lately and see what all I can do with this amazing program. I purchased two books on Amazon, which should be coming in later this week, and I’ve been studying up on it online. There are some really great resources out there like Smashing Magazine, which are full of great tips, tricks, and tutorials.

Last night I learned how to turn my photographs into comic-style pieces of art. I can’t believe how NEAT this is. I started out by downloading a really cool Action that would do it all for me automatically; then I took a look at the Action itself in the History panel to figure out how it was done. At that point, I began experimenting on my own and was amazed at all the really COOL stuff you can do to your photographs! I’m sharing a few below and even thinking about adding them to the shop at some point once I figure out how much interest there is and once I figure out a good place to get them printed.



One Comment on “Turning Photos Into Comics Via Photoshop”

  1. Kattie says:

    Wow this IS pretty neat! Can’t wait to see what else you learn!

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