Okay, so I lied….

….maybe I wasn’t done blogging before my wedding and honeymoon!

Spring has been in full bloom here in Birmingham for the past week or so, and my fingers have positively been ITCHING to hold my camera and take pictures. I simply could not let this opportunity pass me by, so I went to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens today and managed to take about twenty minutes worth of pictures before the dark sky turned even darker and it began raining. Even though I didn’t get to take as many photos as I had wanted, I was in heaven again among the flowers, macro lens in hand. The picture to the left is one of my favorites of the day because it’s so abstract and surreal; it’s actually the center of a red tulip. I mostly took pictures of the tulips and the poppies, and I hope to go back tomorrow (if it doesn’t rain) to continue shooting. It may sound cheesy, but I felt alive again today while taking those pictures.


One Comment on “Okay, so I lied….”

  1. […] so very, very excited about these prints as I had an incredibly fun time taking them at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens several weeks ago. It was amazing to hold my camera in my hands again and to get down on my hands […]

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