Strip Club Fine Art Photographer

One of my favorite things about blogging with WordPress is their built-in status screen. Here, I can see how many people looked at my blog on a given day, as well as any links that were clicked. I can also see what search terms people used to find my blog. It looks like my post about Wesley’s Booby Trap was worth it, because today I got this hilarious result:

How many people can claim THIS as a search term???


3 Comments on “Strip Club Fine Art Photographer”

  1. Anna says:

    lol, classic. I don’t know where half of these tools are.. I have looked.. Never can see what links were clicked, or locations of views etc.. My most searched on my dog blog was when I posted about the roller blades I bought, as they were the same ones as Cesar Millan, wish I had more ideas like that to direct traffic to me.

    • If you’re interested in the stats, go to your Dashboard, then to Site Stats on the left sidebar. I guess one good way to bring new traffic to your blog is to blog about something that has good keywords, like Cesar Millan. 🙂 But what do I know? I don’t get very much traffic myself!

  2. That is very funny! You never know who finds you. -Kim

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