Things That Must Be Done Before I Get Hitched

I have so many, many things to do before I get married in April that I feel I may or may  not go insane. I’ve really not thought much about the wedding since the engagement in October, and now that’s all coming to bite me. For my own sanity, I am hereby sharing my list of Things That Must Be Done, which is compounded by the fact that I am moving to a new apartment next month. Fortunately, I do my best work under pressure, and BOY am I starting to feel the pressure.

  • Find boxes. Boxes of all shapes and sizes, boxes that are wide, boxes that are small, boxes that are huge, boxes that are tall.
  • Pack up old apartment.
  • Call movers to move me out of my apartment on February 15th. I will never, ever move myself again, especially since I am moving from one upstairs unit to another upstairs unit. The last move nearly killed me.
  • Call about cable/internet/power/etc and schedule times to have these companies come hook me up with their services. The Fiance and I are going with AT&T U-Verse for our TV and internet, and I will be the happiest girl in the world when I finally tell Charter to stuff it.
  • Find and purchase new bedroom set and new couch. (Anybody want a free couch?)
  • Schedule honeymoon flights/accommodations/etc.
  • Decide on which bakery I am going to have make my cupcake cake for the wedding.
  • Decide where to get the rest of the food for the wedding.
  • Decide on what decorations I want for the wedding.
  • Make said decorations.
  • Get addresses compiled for everyone we are inviting to the wedding.
  • Set wording for our wedding invitations and take them to Kinko’s for printing.
  • Find a wedding dress, shoes, hair doo-dad, etc.
  • Decide on and purchase wedding bands.
  • Get marriage license.
  • Send invitations.
  • Register at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I think that’s it, but I’m probably leaving out this or that. You may or may  not see a Deborah-shaped hole in the window here at work in a few days….


3 Comments on “Things That Must Be Done Before I Get Hitched”

  1. Amy Carson says:

    I would say edgars or dreamcakes for your cupcakes!

    Also, I hope you’re not disregarding Etsy for your dress or hair doo-dads! I’m sure you’re not.. you couldnt be!

    We used 2 men and a truck when we moved, they were awesome! My friend also used them when she moved and they were really quick!

  2. Just a thought…if you’re using movers, why not let them do the packing, too? They provide the boxes, saving you a headache.

    But if you’re packing yourself to save money, most self-storage places sell boxes, and you could always hit up the warehouse stores like Costco and (shudder) Sam’s Club, because they’ve got all kinds of boxes.

    And those wedding registries? You can set them up online, although it’s easier to add items to the list from the stores.

    • Well, I really can’t afford to have them pack me up as well, so I’m doing it myself. Packing doesn’t bother me; it’s just time-consuming. And yes, I have lots of fun tricks for getting free boxes. Grocery stores are a good place to snag them, too!

      I think we’re going to do one online registry at for things that we like that are sold by stores we don’t have here, but we’ll see. I’m trying to mostly make it easy for people, and I’ve always dreamed of being handed that pricing gun in Target and let loose! 😀

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