An Ode To Wesley’s Boobie Trap

Click on the images to enlarge them for the full-on, glamorous effect!

For as long as I can remember, when driving from Birmingham to Memphis, we always turned right at Wesley’s Boobie Trap onto Highway 78 in Sumiton, Alabama. This sad, decrepit little strip joint has been on the corner of Highway 78 for YEARS, and I’ve always gotten a good chuckle out of seeing it. I’d love to know what it must look like inside, but frankly I would be afraid to even walk through the door. Can you imagine what you would see if you shown a black-light in there??

In any case, my mom and I drove up to see some relatives in Memphis over the Thanksgiving weekend, and since I had brought my camera, my mom suggested that I take a picture of the Boobie Trap. We were disappointed to see that the newer sign was no longer there (it featured a nude woman with the word BOOBIE over her chest, the O’s representing her breasts), but everything else was the same as always. I wanted to share these pictures I took with my blog readers, because I think the Boobie Trap is awesome in about a million ways and it makes me laugh!

Note: The pictures clearly aren’t the best, but that guy walking around in the parking lot had me weirded out. Who knew that there would be cars in the parking lot at 7 A.M. on Thanksgiving morning??


5 Comments on “An Ode To Wesley’s Boobie Trap”

  1. PaisleyPajamas says:

    I see they have a mobile Boobie trap. That would work well for disaster stricken areas who have had their own strip joints leveled by hurricanes, earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

    • To get even more “ew” with this, they used to have a trailer next to the strip club with a big, handwritten sign that said “VIDEO IN PROGRESS.”




      • Gina says:

        We were having Thanksgiving that day it is owned by our Family and is large enough to comfortly seat our large family and friends.

        Trailer next door used to be a car lot video in procress was for the car lot business

      • stephanie hoven says:

        use to work there its actually a great place to work and the people there are great wish i still worked there the owners there were very nice to me and before you judge people maybe you should find out the whole situation before you speak.

  2. […] clicked. I can also see what search terms people used to find my blog. It looks like my post about Wesley’s Booby Trap was worth it, because today I got this hilarious […]

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