Photography Goals (and Some Complaining!)

I actually have a photographic goal for the week! Huzzah! It’s certainly taken me long enough, no? And really, when I admit it, I don’t have a PHOTOGRAPHY goal this week so much as I do a PHOTOGRAPHY SELLING goal. No, I don’t want to sell X number of photos by X day. Instead, my goal for the week is to get all of my photographs finally listed on ArtFire. Etsy has been pissing me off a LOT lately, and you can read about some of their most recent inane screw-ups in the following threads:

It feels more and more like it’s time to jump the Etsy ship. The only way to be seen on there is to renew your items constantly, and those twenty cents add UP! Instead of fixing their horrific search engine, they urge you to renew, renew, renew. Bah! I’m done playing THAT little game! I don’t think I will ever leave Etsy entirely, as it’s somewhat of a known name at this point and it has SO much potential if only the folks in charge would get their act together, but I am less than thrilled with it right now. Way less than thrilled.


One Comment on “Photography Goals (and Some Complaining!)”

  1. Ouch! Your post pretty much summed up why I’m not with Etsy – and I didn’t know about half of what you posted! I think the relisting thing is such a scam – shame on Etsy 😦

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