Yeah, yeah, this is a blog about my photography, but I got ENGAGED this weekend so I’m posting about ME for once! I am SO excited! We had been sort of unofficially engaged already (we knew we were getting married next year, for instance), but I got the ring this weekend and the formal proposal, so it’s now officially official.

I just love my ring. The fiance (how wonderful a word that is!) picked it out by himself. The ring initially had a large diamond in the center, but as I do not like diamonds ethically or aesthetically, I told him I wanted a ruby when he asked me what stone I preferred. I love the ring because he chose it all by himself and did such a great job. It is absolutely perfect for me: non-traditional, slightly flashy, and meaningful.

Ironically enough (and I’m pretty sure I am using irony in its proper context here), I do not have a great photograph of the ring yet, so the one I’ve attached will have to do until I get a better one.



6 Comments on “Engaged!”

  1. burstmode says:

    Good luck to you and congratulations to your man. I gave my wife a ruby as an engagement ring, too.

  2. Ashley says:


    That looks like the perfect ring! I too want a ruby instead of a diamond ^.^

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  5. Grats! I was catching up on your blog and saw this 🙂 Lovely ring – it sure does make things seem so official and formal and exciting. At least, mine did – so I assume you’re on top of the world about now.

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