Photographing Animals, Again

I don’t know that I have very much else to say about photographing animals (not that I did to begin with!), but I did want to make sure I posted again with a picture of my other cat, Penelope. I got Penelope last year from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, and even though she’s nearly a year and a half old at this point, she is still ALL kitten. I’ve never met a cat with so much energy! I think she keeps both Mister Bingley and me young at heart. I think this is a rather nice picture of Ms. Penelope because it was captured in natural light so you can actually see her facial features, which often times do not come through because of her black fur. I love you, Penelope!

In other news, I got my latest round of prints in from the lab over the weekend, so I’ll be updating the shop this week with new photographs! My birthday was yesterday, so I’m a little bit behind in updates!


3 Comments on “Photographing Animals, Again”

  1. burstmode says:

    this is how to photograph a black cat!

  2. iheartfilm says:

    Wild eyes. By the way, love that shot in your header.

  3. justmarky says:

    I’ve been having some problems with cats recently. *snuffles*

    This one appears expertly photographed, is this what humans would call “Expert?”

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