Photographing Animals

I’m not sure if there’s anything more difficult than photographing an animal! I have two cats who I love dearly and I have taken literally hundreds of photographs of them. Unfortunately, many involve them laying down when they are asleep, or are  blurred because they always seem to move right when I press the shutter button. I wanted to share my all-time favorite animal photo in this post because I think it perfectly captures the sweetness of my kitty Mister Bingley. He’s so photogenic!! I adopted him from the Shelby County Humane Society last year; he is a Ragdoll (likely a mix) who was bought from a breeder by his previous owner, and every day I feel so fortunate that I have him in my life. He is sweet, adorable, majestic, and funny; I am so very, very lucky that he allows me to cater to his every whim on a daily basis.

I will be posting about my other cat, Penelope, this week as well, so please do come back! I find it difficult to get good photographs of her because she is entirely black and her face kind of gets lost in her dark fur.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for photographing animals, especially black ones? I’d love to  hear them. I hate using a flash around them because I don’t want to blind them.


4 Comments on “Photographing Animals”

  1. Cute! You’re right, they’re little buggers to try and photograph. Mine love to nap in the nice bay window we have, so I try to get pics there when I can. They hate it – one shutter click and I get the flattened ears and the evil eyes.

    Try bouncing a flash off the wall or ceiling? That way it won’t blind them with direct light.

    • Good idea about the bounce-flash!

      I bought a bird feeder recently for my patio, so my cats spend a LOT of time at the glass door staring out at it. When they see a bird, they get SO excited and Penelope even starts chirping. Oh, the hilarity!

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  3. Anna says:

    Indeed animals can be quite difficult to photograph.. Guess I have it sort of easy with my dog when she bothers to stand still. She usually is good at giving me her attention at least for a second. Though lately she has not wanted to as she has things to hunt.. Cats I find slightly easier than dogs in that they hold still. Guess I have known cats that don’t mind their photo taken.

    Sometimes I even dare say my dog is easier to photograph than some babies/children I’ve worked with because I can do simple things to get her attention..

    Anyhow, I like you’re blog, shall be adding it


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