The Nasty Etsy Underbelly

I don’t have much to say today (other than a big HUZZAH that my A/C was fixed after work on Monday), so I wanted to share some links that I find terribly interesting and check every single day.

Etsy presents itself as a happy site where anyone can sell their product and even potentially quit their day job. (And some most certainly have!) Unfortunately, as the site has gotten larger, it’s become harder and harder to be seen (I will post about this at some point in the near future) and Etsy admin have seemingly lost control of their own site: allowing many (many) sellers to sell blatantly non-handmade items, to copy other artists, to close forum threads at whim, and to throw basically anything they’d like on the site to sell. Sellers who follow the rules are kicked off the site without warning and blatant resellers are allowed to continue. There is this odd, seedy underbelly to Etsy that I find to be completely fascinating and I wanted to share some links that I check on a daily basis. It’s amazing what goes on under the veil of this cool/kitschy/indie veneer……

Etsy Call Out

Etsy Bitch

Closed Threads


Etsy Puppeteers (no longer active)

If anyone knows of any more good (active) links that I’ve yet to discover, please post them in the comments!


3 Comments on “The Nasty Etsy Underbelly”

  1. dontbplastic says:

    Just ran across your blog, and love it! Although I do love Etsy I have been a little more than disappointed looking through all the garbage to find the goodies! I guess like all things they must be taken advantage of!

  2. Garagetsy says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention. I think all the seedy underbelly blogs wish we could be put out of business for lack of fodder. Unfortunately, things only get worse as Etsy grows into a lumbering behemoth.

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