Juried Art Shows

Although I have participated and done quite well in a number of craft fairs (back when I sold my hand-made jewelry and paintings), I’ve never done an actual art show before. I feel like I’m at a place in my work where I’m willing to put myself out there and apply to some juried art shows. These are shows that have to select you to participate; you can’t just write a check and get a booth space, like you can in a typical arts and crafts fair. There are two somewhat large shows in the Southeast that I’m thinking about right now. I don’t want to mention any names yet since it’s still a somewhat nebulous idea floating about in my  head, but I’m excited at the possibility, while at the same time, realizing that my chances of getting in are likely small. I applied to a local juried show a few years ago with some collage work and was rejected; even though you expect it in many ways, it still hurts and it’s difficult to not let that rejection wound you in some way. Still, you never know until you put yourself out there, right? I feel as though I need to seize these opportunities as they come along and not be timid!

I think I’m going to spend part of this long weekend picking out my three best images to submit to these shows. I have so many good ones to choose from (wow, that sounds snobby, doesn’t it?), that I think it might take some time.

I hope everyone out there has a nice Labor Day weekend!


7 Comments on “Juried Art Shows”

  1. Amy Carson says:

    That sounds like fun, is it just for macro stuff or do they allow portrait/wedding photographers too 😉

  2. I wish you everything good with this step! I hope you’ll keep us posted as to what happens. It’s a brave step, but a step you are ready to take! You have some great shots posted here!

  3. cacophony-g says:

    This is great. From what I see here, your work has a real “voice.” I offer up this thought:

    The kind of gatherings that you must be accepted into are usually very political. I would remind you not to take either your acceptance or rejection personally or mark it as any negative reflection on your work. Alternately, I would celebrate the chance to participate if it presents itself. Your work is gorgeous, and if they don’t pick you, you must believe that it is not a reflection on you or your art.

    It’s very brave to put yourself out there in the first place and then to invite judges is even more brave. It’s very impressive and you should feel as though you’ve already won first by having such glorious work to sumbit and second by possessing the bravery to offer it up to be scrutinized.

    Can’t wait to hear the results. Let us know when and where.

  4. Doesn’t sound snobby in the least. It’s nice to come across an artist who embraces and is comfortable with her talent. Too many of those tortured souls roaming about …

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