New Images and Some Musings on Focus

Yay! My metallic prints finally came in the mail yesterday and I have posted several of them in the shop today. I plan on adding more throughout the day and week. There is nothing like getting that big box in the mail, opening it up, and being amazed at the clarity and extreme COLOR in these metallic prints! It’s a feeling that just can’t be beat.

I’ve been doing some looking around my Etsy store lately and wondering if I should chuck the rural and urban decay images and just focus on my colorful macro flower images. Any thoughts? I’ve sold a few of the decay images, but I’m not sure how well they fit in with the little niche I’m trying to carve out here online. Something to ponder over this upcoming LONG Labor Day weekend….


3 Comments on “New Images and Some Musings on Focus”

  1. As long as your shooting style is similar for both macro and decay, why not keep both? If they’re wildly different, perhaps specializing is a good idea.

    Drat! Now you’ve got me wondering how my stuff would look in metallic đŸ™‚ Nice pic – the water droplets are cool.

  2. This is a beautiful shot! Love the colors!

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