Standing Out

It’s become quite apparent to me that there is a certain look to the wildly successful photographers on Etsy. This isn’t a bad thing or something to moan about, but it does make one wonder how to stand out from everyone else, when it seem the only way to be a success on Etsy is to take endless photographs of ferris wheels or list the same old, same old photograph of a dandelion. That’s not to say that I don’t like these images or that I don’t think these photographers are talented, because they so obviously ARE; I am merely commenting on a theme here, one that can sometimes become tiring to wade through when looking to buy some new photography for my walls.

I want to be original, not derivative! I want people to look at my work and think “Now THAT’S a Facing the Lens photograph!” Sometimes I feel compelled to change my style a bit, altering it so I can be more successful to Etsy or the hipster crowd, but I find that when I try something like this, I’m not as happy as I am when I follow my own eye and my own sense of what I find beautiful. I think you can see this progression in some of my work; the images I first put in my Etsy shop have that faded, vintage feel that is SO popular on the site (and that I admittedly find myself drawn to). As I’ve become more comfortable with myself and my abilities, I’ve begun exploring vibrant, color popping imagery, which is something I’ve always LOVED.

I suppose it’s a good thing to always be searching for some kind of creative nirvana and to never quite grasp it. Once you’ve grasped something, be it a theme or a concept, you don’t ever really feel the need to go back and revisit it or to look at it in a different way. I am hoping to take a step back from my images and see how I can improve upon them and create something distinctive and unique. It may not be successful monetarily, but I am hoping that the joy I take in my imagery is enough to sate me creatively.


5 Comments on “Standing Out”

  1. burstmode says:

    Emotion sells. I believe emotion is created through the use of shadow.

  2. I learned a while ago that trying to satisfy other people isn’t good for your creativity. Best to go for it – do something you love and eventually someone else will agree. I do have to admit though – every time I’m flipping through the photography tag and stop to check out a well done floral image, more often than not it’s your blog. I think that means you have a great style going already πŸ™‚

    On another note (feel free to edit this out) I’m not enthused about your new header. Something just isn’t right for that format.

  3. Sarah says:

    When I’m looking at photos, I like it to tell a story in a snapshot. I know that’s different for everyone but — there you go!

  4. PaisleyPajamas says:

    Petals FACING glass
    Split second as THE image
    Details found through LENS

    I promised you a Haiku and here it is! I find your work incredibly inspiring and I hope you’re getting as much out of it as all who admire your work are.

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