Metallic Prints

My metallic prints came in yesterday! It was like Christmas morning at the Facing the Lens household. I am amazed, stunned, gobsmacked, you name it. They are BEAUTIFUL and most definitely worth the extra processing costs. Although I’ve really enjoyed making the more faded, vintage-esque images that I’ve been putting in the shop, if I’m honest with myself, I have to admit that my true love is eye-popping, colorful photography. These metallic prints bring out the color in my floral photos like nothing I have ever seen. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I think I’m in LOVE.

All new metallic images are in the shop RIGHT NOW, so go snag one before they’re all gone!


3 Comments on “Metallic Prints”

  1. burstmode says:

    I will try this…

  2. […] single image I’m getting is going to be a metallic print, which I’ve written about before. Seriously, I have never been so amazed or wowed at a print as I have been with these metallic […]

  3. Ashley says:

    May I ask where you’ve had your metallic prints printed?

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