A Slew of New Photographs

I spent hours and hours this week working on new images for the shop, and I finally got a chance to put them online today. There are images for every taste: new macro images, rural decay images, and urban decay images. I love every single one and am so proud of them. I got all of my prints back from the lab over lunch, and like I said before, it’s so satisfying to see your images in person, to hold them in your hands. All of that hard work finally realized! It’s so easy to become frustrated and irritable when you spend so much time looking at the same things, but seeing them in person makes all of that go away.

I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to devote to new photos this weekend, as my family is having a get-together. I will be listing more new photographs in the shop over the weekend as I can, so please bookmark my shop and check back often.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


2 Comments on “A Slew of New Photographs”

  1. amockingbird says:

    I love my print, got it a frame today and will be hanging it up this weekend where I can see it from the couch. The perfect bright spot for a dark corner!

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