Weekend Plans

I think it’s important that I maintain goals for Facing the Lens. I need to keep shooting, keep taking pictures as much as possible so I can improve in my craft. I’m the kind of person who needs an assignment: something to keep me going when it’s so much easier to just loll about on the couch and relax. In that vein, here are my weekend plans, as far as photography goes:

  • Work on a new custom order that I hope to have finished by Monday.
  • Add some more listings to my Etsy shop.
  • Wander through the produce aisles at Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and/or Publix to find new and interesting fruits to take pictures of.
  • Go see Predators. (Yes, I know this isn’t photography-related, but I am so keen on seeing this movie!)

I hope everyone out there has a lovely weekend and that you can escape the heat as much as possible. Please continue to check back for new listings and new images on the blog.


One Comment on “Weekend Plans”

  1. John Masters says:

    I am glad you got everything done this weekend that is awesome. I really like your macro shots. That is something I have never tried much but you have it down for sure 🙂
    Happy Monday.

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