New Macro Prints

I picked up some new prints today over lunch. I like to have everything I’m going to sell printed out beforehand so I can see how the colors match the images that I have up in the shop. There’s something very thrilling about opening up the photo container and seeing your images live and in person. I’m always so impressed with how professional they come out looking! (If I do say so myself, right?) It’s quite satisfying to see something you’ve worked so hard on come to fruition in a very real and tangible way.

Update: Just found out that I am featured in another treasury on Etsy. Please check it out!


2 Comments on “New Macro Prints”

  1. rflores0417 says:

    awesome blogs!! love the photos!

  2. […] one and am so proud of them. I got all of my prints back from the lab over lunch, and like I said before, it’s so satisfying to see your images in person, to hold them in your hands. All of that […]

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