This and That, Post-Holiday

It was something of a busy weekend for me, as far as photography goes. I spent a good portion of Saturday taking new pictures of some fruit and flowers I had bought earlier at Whole Foods and Publix. I often troll their floral sections for new flowers and photography subjects.

Saturday was exceptionally hot, so after an hour and a half of taking photos outside on my balcony, I was absolutely SPENT, but feeling very content and happy with what I had managed to capture. Sunday was spent with friends, eating and swimming and having a good time in general. I didn’t take any photos, and found the break in activity to be good and cleansing. Today, after waking up at a late hour, I began some post-processing work on Saturday’s images and listed some new photographs in the shop. Please check them out!

In other business-related news, I made another sale over the weekend (huzzah!) and have some custom business cards being sent to me tomorrow, which I am *very* excited about. In addition, any time you buy a photograph from me this month, I will include a card for 20% off your next order, so it’s a good time to buy!

I hope everyone out there had a nice holiday weekend, and I will see you again soon!


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