Day One

Day one of Facing the Lens was exciting and involved a ton of hard work. I spent around six hours on the computer last night, listing items and working on new photos. For quite possibly the first time ever, I forgot to eat and had to force myself to go into the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal, which I then proceeded to eat in front of the computer so I could get more work done.

A few nice things that happened yesterday/this morning:

  • Made my first sale (thanks to my very kind boyfriend!).
  • Was featured in a lovely Treasury.
  • Got three hearts on my shop.
  • Two hearts on individual items.
  • A very nice cricket rode on my car and posed for me for at least an hour, enabling me to get some nice (albeit creepy) macro shots.

My plans for tonight involve taking more pictures and working on some other lovely photos I have in the works. Please do check out my shop today, as I will be adding new items throughout the day!


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